About Carstens

Dutch food with a twist

At Carstens we will take you on a culinary journey through the Netherlands with ingredients from our own soil and waters. You will enjoy recognizable flavours served in a different way. Nothing too far-fetched, just tasty. Carstens Amsterdam is a Dutch brasserie concept by Maik Kuijpers, located just a stone’s throw from Central Station.


Concept by Maik Kuijpers

The Carstens concept is created by renowned chef Maik Kuijpers, formerly known as Head Chef at De Librije ***.  Maik has created a concept that hones in on Dutch seasonal produce, working with the freshest ingredients when they are at their best.

This brasserie is in the heart of Amsterdam and creates a connection between the farm and the city in a relaxed and approachable environment. Your host will be Timo van der Stad with Head Chef, Rick van der Meij.

Please feel welcome, always.

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